Tina Patel

  • Master in International Public Health, USA
  • Founder and Managing Director plusform Culture+Language
  • Languages: English, German, Gujarati, Hindi
  • Expertise: India, Intercultural Management, English for Business Communication

Wolfgang Höltgen

  • Bachelor of Science - Electronic Engineering
  • Experience: International Project Management in electronics and software development, Business Consultant
  • Language: German and English
  • Expertise: Project Management, Global Excursions for Managers to India

Malay Keophilavanh

  • Diploma in Social Pedagogic, NLP Master
  • Experience: Intercultural events management, conflict management
  • Languages: Laotian, German, English, Thai
  • Expertise: Laos, Intercultural Skills for Asia, Mediation

Sharjeel Antoine Moutier

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance & Marketing
  • Experience: Intercultural trainer, financial & business analyst, E-Learning, strategic consultant
  • Languages: Hindi, Urdu, English, French & Arabic
  • Expertise: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Islam & Business, Islamic Banking & Finance

Rhys Marc Photis

  • MBA International, UK, Corporate Coach, UK
  • Experience: International strategy development and project management
  • Languages: German, English
  • Expertise: UK, Eastern Europe, HR Evaluation and Performance Development

Lina Sjamsil-Monham (Chen Yili)

  • MBA, International Sales & Marketing & Global Strategy, Certified Coach
  • Experience: International Marketing & Conflict Management, Executive & Intercultural Coaching, Training, Consulting, HR Organization & Development, JV Negotiation
  • Languages: English, German, Mandarin, Indonesian / Malay, Spanish
  • Expertise: People¹s Republic of China & Greater China (HK, Taiwan), East Asia (Japan, Korea) & SEA (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines)

Dr. Johannes Wamser

  • Ph.D. - Economic Geography, Certified Moderator
  • Experience: Author of 4 books on investing in India
  • Languages: German, English
  • Expertise: India, Investment Expert and Business Management Consultant for India

Conny Helbling

  • Master of Science in Computer Science, Cambridge Certified Language Trainer (CELTA - Great Britain)
  • Experience: International Communications Training,Intercultural Coaching, Business Skills Development,Knowledge Management
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, French
  • Expertise: USA, Canada, UK, Spain, English for Business Communication, Information Technology